All About VPN, TOR & Proxy(Includes Everything A Hacker Needs To Know TO Become Anonymous)



Anonymity is first step of every hacker.Here in this tutorial I have written about how to become anonymous or in other words untraceable in internet.Now a lot of noobs and script kiddies are traces while hacking and got arrested.To be anonymous there are different methods available in internet and here in this tutorial i have explained all of them with explanation of how they work.

Our IP Addresses are just like our home address, that requires while accessing internet.As we all know that our IP addresses are used by other to trace and locate us.Changing IP address can also help us to open blocked websites and help to hide for sometime while browsing internet as we fake us until someone try to trace us.



The main job of proxy server is to protect our identity from others.It helps us to protect our IP address.Proxy sends or forwards our request…

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